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    1. Perkins Powered Diesel Generator SetBecause of the advanced technology, the Perkins powered generating set has been optimized in combustion process. It is energy-saving and environmental with less oil consumption and low noise generation. Read More
    1. Cummins Powered Diesel Generator SetMoreover, this selection of Cummins diesel generator sets is equipped with STAMFORD, MARATHON, LEROY SOMER, or other world-renowned brand alternator manufactured by Sino-foreign joint ventures. Read More
    1. Deutz Powered Diesel Generator SetThis diesel generating set is powered by a four-stroke water-cooled Deutz engine. The universal engine has a long service with low maintenance rate. Being simple in structure, it is easy, convenient to maintain.Read More
    1. Volvo Powered Diesel Generator SetThe power generation equipment, if installed with the multifunctional intelligent control module, comes with the functions such as automatic starting, automatic shutdown, automatic data measurement, automatic alarm, etc.Read More
    1. Lovol Powered Diesel Generator SetThis power generation equipment applies the alternator of low impedance design. Consequently, it not only can bear the maximum load variation range, but also has good response characteristics, under the condition of nonlinear loads.Read More
    1. Gas Generator Set Our gas genset exhausts less harmful emissions, which is beneficial for controlling or reducing the environment pollution. It can be used individually or in combination. This natural gas generator set can serve as the frequently-used or emergency power supply in the areas...Read More
  • Cases
    1. Debugging of 500KW Gas Generator Set in 2008, Columbia
    2. Debugging of 500KW Gas Generator Set in 2008, Columbia
    3. November of 2010, 100KW Generator Set operated in Mongolia
    4. 132KW Generator Set in Qinghai City of 2010
    5. Two Sets of 700KW Gas Generator Set Exported to Uzbekistan in 2012.